Every insurance claim is unique, so ICDR collaborates with a variety of competent professionals to ensure that you have access to the specific expertise that will help resolve your particular insurance claims challenge.

Here is a description of just a few of our partners:

Contents Inventory Specialists

The most difficult and time consuming part of any property claim is putting together a complete and accurate contents inventory. An inventory specialist will dig through the muck of a fire or water loss or work with you on a memory list to account every last item that can be claimed. If you can’t (or don’t want to) put together your own contents inventory ICDR can provide experienced insurance claim inventory specialists. Please contact us directly so that we may connect you with the most appropriate specialist to fit your needs.


Some insurance claims situations require specific legal expertise, and you owe it to yourself to hire the right attorney. ICDR will help you to evaluate what kind of legal assistance you’re looking for and where to find it. We work many of the most respected legal professionals in the business, and we can work with your attorney or introduce you to whichever attorneys might best fit your most immediate needs. Please contact us directly so that we may refer you to the attorney(s) most appropriate to your particular claim situation.

Public Adjusters

Some insurance claims are so catastrophic, complicated, and/or colossal that you will require professional assistance to adequately present the full scope and value of your loss. The right public adjuster can maximize your insurance recovery while reducing your stress and uncertainty. Just like attorneys, you need to determine whether a public adjuster is the appropriate solution for your claim and then identify the right public adjuster. ICDR can help. Please contact us directly for an analysis of your claim so that we can find the most appropriate Public Adjuster to suit your needs.

Damage Assessment Experts

Whether it's your home, auto, or business – if you’ve suffered a loss you want to make sure that all of the damage will be expertly and thoroughly repaired or replaced. You may want an independent damage assessment that’s separate from the insurance company and/or repair contractor. It can be useful to have an unbiased evaluation of the extent of your loss scope & cost of repairs. ICDR has access to experienced mitigation experts & repair estimators who can provide you the information you need. Please contact us directly so that we may assist you in finding the right damage assessment experts.

ICDR Partners