New/Recent LossA new or recent loss could require an on-site inspection or guided memory meeting(s), research of contents replacement cost values (RCV), line item aging, and depreciation for actual cash value (ACV).

Vendor Prepared Contents List and/or Photos

Transcription of an already existing contents list, or we create a contents inventory from photos you supply (with limitations), research of contents replacement cost values (RCV), line item aging and depreciation for actual cash value (ACV).

Line Item Assessment of Already Completed Contents Inventory

Transcription of existing contents inventory, applying necessary changes to item description, RCV/ACV values, item sourcing, and depreciation.

Contents Inventory Comparison (See Also "Appraisal")

Line-by-line item comparison of two contents inventories of the same claim. Identifying line item differences for description, RCV/ACV values, item sourcing, and depreciation.

contents Inventory Services

ICDR, Inc. is called upon to prepare, present, and/or resolve claims for loss to personal property for all needs.

Due to specific insurance policy requirements, your contents claim may be the most demanding, labor intensive, and time-consuming part of your claim.

The Section 1-Conditions portion of your insurance policy reads in-part:

What You Must Do After A Loss:

Prepare an inventory of damaged or stolen personal property showing, in detail, the quantity, age, description, actual cash value and amount of loss claimed for each item. Attached to the inventory all bills and other documents that substantiate the figures in the inventory.  

Within 60 days after our request, you must file with your insurance company a signed and sworn proof of loss, stating to the best of your knowledge a description of each item, including all information contained in the inventory described above.

You don’t have to do all of this on your own.

ICDR Contents Inventory Specialists are here to help.

Contact ICDR today at 206.489.5240 or submit claim here.

Listed below are some common situations, and the services available for resolving the claim:

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